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Sarupaka Clothing

Sarupaka is here to disrupt a stale industry where high school leavers are stuck with dated and low quality hoodies as the memories of their happy and fun years spent with friends.

The mission

School leavers want a memento of the years spent with their friends. This is usually a hoodie that binds and identifies them together, bringing a sense of belonging. But the industry that produces these hoodies is littered with sub-standard quality, in the materials they use, but most importantly, in the stale and dated designs, they offer. Sarupaka is here to change this.

The challenge

Sarupaka offers hoodies for leavers. And they are the new transfer student from abroad, with a strong and bold sense of style, fashion and trend. This needs to be visually clear. By creating a visual identity that is strongly influenced by the far east, pop art and graffiti, we tapped into a growing section of teenagers that feels strongly about these aesthetics. Together with the founder Craig we also created 3 initial collections for the launch of Sarupaka.

The outcome

A complete brand identity. Ranging from the logo, icons, patterns and website, to a collection for the new selection of hoodies they offer.
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Sarupaka Clothing

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