Why is logo design important?

It helps your audience recognise your business and become more familiar with it. With familiarity comes trust.
Picture of the recycling logo on a horizontally laid piece of paper

It clarifies expectations

A good logo can help display certain qualities about how you do business. If you have a more serious and stark approach or if you are goofy and laid-back. This will help your audience clarify expectation when hiring you / buying your product in regards to experience and cost.

It helps build trust

One of the key functions of a logo is t work as the glue that binds a visual identity together. Ideally, the elements of the identity (colours, font, patterns, icons, etc.) should stem from the logo and borrow from its essence. This creates visual consistency, and consistency reflects reliability. People trust reliable people. And guess what? People buy from whom they trust

It’s a confidence booster

If you are a solopreneur and have ever been even slightly embarrassed about showing your business cards or your website is always “getting an update”, you’ll know what I mean. Having a logo as a part of an identity that reflects who you are and which you are proud to share will be a massive incentive to hand out more business cards and share your website at any chance you have.

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I want to help 1000 coaches, healers, lightworkers, guides who want to help people overcome their own limitation to have a solid and effective online brand presence that builds trust, confidence and drives business. So they can focus on helping people instead of pushing pixels.
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