Logo Process: Phase 04 of 04

The final phase of our logo design process
Blue background image stage 4

Logo Design

Phase 04

Alternative Layouts

Following approval of the Primary Logo, we will create layout variations of the logo to accommodate the business' needs. The logo alternative layouts often include vertical version, horizontal version, icon or favicon, logotype, inverted colours, and so forth.

Logo Family

The final logo designs for both the primary and secondary logos (i.e. logo family) will be exported into common file formats for delivery to the client.

The logo family will be delivered to the client in SVG, EPS, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF formats.

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Juan Carlzon
I want to help 1000 coaches, healers, lightworkers, guides who want to help people overcome their own limitation to have a solid and effective online brand presence that builds trust, confidence and drives business. So they can focus on helping people instead of pushing pixels.
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