How a re-brand can boost your business

There are a few ways that launching a new brand for your coaching practice can help boost business. Here are a few:

Dialled in communication

You bump into an old friend and the quick catch up evolves into finding out that her husband's been looking for a professional coach for months!
At this point, you start listing all the 25 modalities of coaching you use, without even getting into the woo-woo stuff...

Creating a brand strategy at the beginning of your re-brand and exploring your uniqueness will really help tune in to your audience and present your message more clearly, bringing focus to your offer and the impact you create.

Confidence boost

Now that you've filtered that you're a great match is a great time to get those business cards to good use, although they might be missing the "professional" look he was looking for...

A rebrand can be like getting a new haircut just before you go on a date. You look good, you feel good, and your confidence expands (regardless of how high already is!)

Better interaction

But the universe is on your side and the card makes it to his hands! The only problem is that he's holding his phone in his other hand. And the beautiful template you choose for your site make a bit of a shoddy job of accurately converting sites to mobile.

A re-brand can help solve design issues that can appear on websites with time. After a while of not updating your site, technology evolves and what was once state of the art might be already obsolete. With a new website design as part of your rebrand, you can address these issues and make them more accessible to your audience and prospects.

Strategy + Visuals

When a good strategy is backed up by an engaging visual identity you are in for increased recognition and interaction. A plan, message and intention that is clear on all levels will attract a more engaged audience. And will also help you communicate more clearly.

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I want to help 1000 coaches, healers, lightworkers, guides who want to help people overcome their own limitation to have a solid and effective online brand presence that builds trust, confidence and drives business. So they can focus on helping people instead of pushing pixels.
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