We help coaches, healers and light-workers' business' craft a clear and engaging brand

Having a strong purpose for your business is only half of the equation. If you can't articulate it properly and present it professionally it will just get lost in the noise. I work with business owners to bring clarity to how they present their ideas and their value, always making them look awesome!

If you feel that:

  • You're lacking confidence in how your business looks
  • Those same looks don't reflect your impact or value
  • You’re tired of a DIY brand

Drop me a message so we can have a chat about how you can make this better.

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Hi! I’m Juan, originally from Argentina currently living in Bristol, working remotely since before it was a “thing”. I design purposeful logos and visual identities for determined solopreneurs and startups.

100 brands for 100 guides

I want to help 100 coaches, counsellors, healers, light workers, any person working towards guiding humanity forward towards a better understanding of themselves, towards removing their self imposed blocks, and towards a more enlightened way of being to reach these people.

The idea of design a logo, a website, brand strategy, or any project to use my creativity as a way of supporting your business growth, so you can reach more people and a bigger, deeper impact in their lives.

This is the official count on the way to the 100 milestone.
The real SWAG is 1K.


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