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Logo and brand identity design for coaches, counsellors and healers.

We help coaches and healers who are tired of an ordinary brand get a solid and consistent online presence that clearly reflects their level of impact.

Sell with confidence.

By crafting a relavant and engaging message.

Present professionally.

With a beautiful visual identity design.

Save time.

With easy to implement designs and templates.

I have seen a huge difference since we worked together. I feel really proud of my branding and feel it presents me in a really professional manner.

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Jess Woodsford
Personal leadership coach

[Juan] not only to help unpick my vision but also offered guidance and advice that’s helped to shape the business’ ethos.

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Luke Soithongsuk
Funder Inner Heights Climbing Coaching

Logo design

  • Icons and logotype design

  • Visual identity

  • Style guides

Online presence

  • Website design

  • Social templates

  • Keynote and proposals design

Brand Strategy

  • Discovery workshops

  • Audience profiling

  • Positioning and messaging
Logo design of a basketball made of lines and dotsLogo design with the word Jigsaw drawn together as pieces of a wooden puzzleLogo design of a circle with a series of spheres suggesting the image of a person thinkingLogo design of a monogram with the letters B K KIcon design of two hands holding a mother looking at its babyLogo design of the word Schaffhausen written with a monolineIcon design of a square that uses the letters W, D, G, to form a tribal yet subtle human shapeLoveworks logo design
Icon design of a square that uses the letters W, D, G, to form a tribal yet subtle human shapeLogo design in which a the inside of the letter O is the shape of a dropLogo design of a sun with an electric plug inside itselfLogo design where the words Chronic mishaps form the shape of a piece of toast that seems to be splattered on the floor spreading jam around itselfLogo design with a series of equal width lines forming the shape of the African continentLogo design where a letter J has its dot on the shape of a drop of liquidLogo design featuring 5 lines interlacing each other to form the shape of a starLogo design of a bull in a shield crest
Logo design for a coffee shopLogo design of a letter D formed with lines that look similar to a fingerprint
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