Brand design for determined Solopreneurs

Clear design that focuses on your success

Make it easier for you to:

Sell with confidence.

By crafting a relavant and engaging message.

Present professionally.

With a beautiful visual identity.

Save time.

When creating your own content.

Entrepreneurs I had the pleasure to help:

The 5 minutes brand strategy

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Design and strategy services

Logo design

Icons and logotype design
Visual identity
Style guides

Online presence

Website design
Social templates
Presentations and proposals design

Brand Strategy

Discovery workshops
Audience profiling
Positioning and messaging

The creative process



The 3 key ingredients of a success formula: The people you are serving, the change you want to provide, and the platform they hang out.


Our visual vocabulary with a series of complex moodboards - so we can quickly understand the direction for the coming designs. 


The design part - Where the concepts are created based on our understanding of your goals.


The final design is then translated to any relevant touchpoints, like websites, posts or templates and placed in a style guide for your refence.

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